Month 4 - April fools!

4 months have already past and to tell you the truth, I shocked as hell! A couple of months more and it would be mid-year already.

But yeah whatever. Enough of the ‘opening’ crap. Here goes:

  • April 3 - Movie marathon

Me and two of my closest friends have always been talking about movies that we’ve watched and such. One day we’ve decided to watch movies that we haven’t been able to watch yet. Today is that day.

Movies that were on our playlist was Group Sex (suggested by Master B), Don Jon (Suggested by Verna and Jay) and Detroit Metal City. Watched all of DMC. It was hilarious! HAHAHA

  • April 4 - Resume

Til now, I’m still a freelancer-slash-bum. It’s been almost a year. One major reason I can’t apply for a new job is I still didn’t update my resume and my portfolio. 

I wanted to start from scratch and change the look of my resume, I managed to start working on it today. I hope I can finish it soon and start sending them as well.

  • April 5 - Tiendesitas


April 5. Tonight’s the Close Up Forever Summer event but I’m here at home, typing this. I really want to go and party but I got financial problems and I wasn’t able to win myself a ticket from their twitter account.

Tonight is my dad’s gig as well. At Tiendesitas. Went with my sisters. Just drank my frustration away. We had a really good time. Met sir Ramon. I already saw him when I went to Baguio a couple of months back and when I saw him again tonight, I thought he was familiar and I was right! Hihihi.


There I was! See? See? Oh wait, me and my sisters doesn’t have a photo? :/

  • April 7 - Vet and pot

Finally! Finally been able to bring Aldo to the vet. RC came with me. He was a really big help today. So anyway, Aldo has this Parkinson-like problem. Her left hand and left foot just won’t stop moving. Been meaning to bring him to the vet for days now and I’m thankful I finally found the time to do so.

After bringing her to the vet, I returned her home and went to the LRT station to fetch Verna and Thalie. We’ve talked about having a shabu-shabu session. It was their first time to go to our house in Marikina. It was the first time I had guests to feed and prepare a place for them to sleep. xD


We had hot pot session, shisha sesion and just watched movies all night. I can’t believe it’s the first time Verna watched Mean Girls. Ugh. Hahahah

  • April 10 - NLEX

ROADTRIPP!! Oh yeah. Although it was super fail. I think we just traveled up to around Bulacan. So it was just me, Verna and her clanmate M. First we started late, the back right tire was pierced by a screw, the (something under the hood, which is equivalent to a charger) was broken, we had to wait for soooo long for the NLEX authorities to respond and more. Good thing I brought playing cards with me! 

To make matters worse, I forgot our speaker at M’s car but we don’t want to meet with him again D:

It was just sooo bad.

  • April 12 to 13 - Baler II


And we’re back! Hihihih. Surfing is soooo addicting. Baler is the perfect surfing spot for beginners. The waves are not so harsh and the water level is not so deep. Although it’s a long drive from Manila, it’s all worth it! ♥

We stayed at ate Chona’s Surfer Girls Lodge.


  • April 17 - Visita

So we were supposed to go Visita Iglesia tonight. Left the house around 6pm. Went to our first station but when we arrived, there was a mass. We attended the mass and when finished, we were too hungry and it was already late. We were headed to our second station but there were A LOT of people there so we decided to just have dinner and call it a night. :(

  • April 20 - Ate Vivian and Mama Mary

Sunday is family day, right? Tomorrow is, like, dad’s birthday. But since it’s a Sunday, we celebrated today. Had lunch at famous Tapsihan ni Vivian at Bulaluhan with mom, dad, little bro and eldest sister and her husband.

Went to Paco coz my bro said something was wrong with the fridge and my parents were worried sick.

Left immediately after checking what was wrong. There was gonna be a rosary this night too so we had to clean up a bit and prepare.

  • April 21 - Pops

Today is Pop’s date of birth. Went out for lunch with the parents at Teriyaki Boy in SM Marikina. So this is what it feels like to be an only child. Looked for a toner for our printer after eating then went straight home.

  • April 23 - 1

1. After I finished my resume, I sent it to several companies online. Got one scheduled for today. It went really well. It was so far from home though but I’d really like to be accepted at this one. :>

Went to have shisha and movie and tambay sesh with Verna and Thalie after. Verna had an interview today too. Same area! Hihihi.

  • April 26 - 2

2. Got an interview today as well! Hihihi. It didn’t went well with this one thou. There was an exam, I was given an hour to do an ad and halfway through the exam, Photoshop crashed :(( I was so out of time the ad was so bare. 

It would’ve been great if I got that job but I doubt they’d call me back after that. 

It would’ve been great too if I had an OOTD. A photo of my ‘hire me’ look. xD

  • April 27 - iBaked

I think that explains it. Need I say more? Hahaha

This was supposed to be Chocolate chip lava cake. But I’ve overdone it a little. It became just chocolate chip. Hahah </3

So that was my April, fools. It’s May already! MAYbe I’ll get a job soon. Or MAYbe there’s something much more that landing a job this moment. MAYbe I’ll find myself going abroad. Or MAYbe I’ll win the lottery!! I think I like the last one amongst all of it xD


Awww. Somebody missed me! Or is it the other way around? Hihihi. Arff! 🐶


Awww. Somebody missed me! Or is it the other way around? Hihihi. Arff! 🐶

Month 3 - Marched around.

Get it? Marched; March? Hahaha lolwhut. First quarter of the year has past and since last month…

  1. I still don’t have a job (I’m working on it!).
  2. Lost a few Kilos (I wish to lose more. Hahah). 
  3. Met a lot of new faces.
  4. And.. That’s about it. </3

Okay, so this is what happened:

  • March 2 - Lola 40 Days

Offered a prayer for my grandma then dinner buffet at the Renaissance Hotel near Riverbanks in Marikina.

  • March 7 - Beerpong

It’s been so long since we’ve been to master Bry’s place. It’s the first time this year I’ve set foot on that place. Drank. Played. Talked. Always a good time with him around!

  • March 8 to 14 - Mindoro

Spent a week on my best bud’s province! Stayed with her lola and sister. Met her relatives (whom I already met once before). So yeah. Stayed there and we actually did nothing. Hahaha. Just helped lola with the houseworks and kept her company. Got her to tell me war stories which is awesome. I was still young when my grandad died and my grandma is not much of a talker. xD 

  • March 15 to 16 - Surf’s up!

Went to Baler with Tet, Rico and Geo again. + Rico’s Cousin Ian, and officemates Ryan, Mina, Jo and Cha. I was really resitant at first coz we were set to leave on the 14th. 1am. And I was out of money! But nothing stopped me. Heheh. I always feel like a freeloader whenever I’m with these three. </3 

Anywayyy, arrived on the morning of the 15th. Tried surfing the afternoon but the waves were just so strong for us beginners so we just decided to try riding again the next day. Had dinner and some booze that night. Woke up early the next day so try our luck again. Surfing was fun! I wanna do it again! Was ALMOST able to stand on the board :( I will definitely stand when I return! Hiihihih. 

Went home the 16th with a body sore and a new found love. ♥


↑Shigeo, Me, Tet, Minna, Cha, Jo, Ian


↑Ian, Tet, Me, Rico, Cha, Jo, Minna, Ryan


↑Santi, Me, Ian, Rico


↑Rico, Tet, Ian, Me, Geo


↑JR (Surf Instructor) Hihih

  • March 17 - RC

  • March 18 - Check!

So last February I worked for a week in my old company. And today I picked up the payment. Today, I  already have moneeyy! Woohhhoo!

  • March 20 - New Samsung

Went to SM Marikina today to hopefully have Lenon fixed. But the technician wasn’t there :(

On other news, mom needed to have her phone fixed. She left the phone that needed fixing and she bought a new phone. Hahah. I wish I could buy a phone just like that. xD

So she bought a Samsung Win. Not sure if that’s okay. It was the first time I heard about it. Hahaha.

  • March 21 - Trip with Lenon, Drank, Danced, Dined.

Since the trip to SM Marikina yesterday was a fail, I went back today. The technician was fortunately there. Yey! Got Lenon fixed. Finally.

Dropped by some thrift shops. Then I went to Paco. It was gimmick night with Verna and Thalie! Hihihi. Drank first at Thal’s place then went to Tomas Morato. Tried Vanity Bar but the crowd was soooo dead so we decided to transfer to Prime. But There was a very looong line outside and Verna is starting to get dizzy and sleepy. So thal and I just decided to eat. Hahaha. We ate at Army Navy. It was still an awesome night. Went home around 3am. Which is really very early. Hahaha.

  • March 22 - Spent some more

Verna and I spent the night at Thal’s place. Once we woke up, we have breakfast at Mcdonald’s and went to Cash and Carry. Yep. No bathing or even brushing our teeth. D:

We bought a vitamin supplement Thalie had introduced to us the night before. Spent nearly 3 hours inside National Bookstore and had meryienda at Yellowcab. Bought a little notebook. World map and Philippine map. My problem every time I get a check is I feel like I hate money, I wanna spend it all :)) 

JR (This JR is not the surf instructor FYI :))) Texted me today as well. After a few messages sent back and forth. I decided to meet him. Not bathed and brushed. Yeah. But still, he said it’s all good :)))

Dad had a gig tonight as well. Was supposed to go with Verna and Thal again. But They decided to just rest. :(

  • March 23 - Cartimar + HP

We have a scheduled trip on the end of the month. We are gonna go camping! We’ve been wanderlusting for quite a while now, we decided to buy a tent so we canvassed in Cartimar how much tents are. Bought dry fit clothes as well. Met the guy where Thalie bought a pipe and a small Shisha like apparatus. Hahaha.

Went to Harrison Plaza after. Looked for tents there as well. Passed by Ukayukay. It was their first time! HAHAHA. Then Had dinner at Greenwhich. Yum. ♥

OH BTW, I was with Verna and Thalie again today. Hahah.

  • March 26 - Baked



I don’t really know what got into me but I was just in the mood to bake. Hehehe.

So these are supposed to be rainbow cupcakes but I think I put too much baking powder, it came out super huge :))

  • March 27 - Happy Thursday. Unleashed!

I don’t know why we wanted to go out tonight since we’re going out of town tomorrow but we still went out.

We partied at Taft area with the Taft kids. There is an event tonight called Unleashed.

A LOT happened this night. So Verna and I got pick pocketed while the crowd was going wild on the beat of DJ Ace Ramos. Verna was so heartbroken, we decided to meet up with Raoul and drink in Central Bar and Grill. Met Raoul’s other friends Jay, Noriel, Jo and JD. 

Went to Providence after. Sang and drank some more. Hahaha. Had lots and lots of fun. Really! Hihihi. Went home around 6 am already. And Raoul and his friends have an exam 11 am the same day. Sorryyy. xD

  • March 28 to 30 - Zambales

So this is it! Hahaha. Met up at Thalie’s 8pm on the 28th. Went to Road 20 at QC to meet with Thalie’s dad and his friends. I didn’t know we were gonna be that many! Still had a blast. So it was Verna, Thalie and me. Thal’s father and younger brother, Picardo. Thal’s father’s friends, Tito Marius and Tito Amang. Tito Amang’s nephews, Kuya Kits, Kenneth, Mark, Iggy and Don.

Anyway, arrived Zambales morning of the 29th. Rested for a bit. Then off to Mt. Tapulao dam. Had a long ride in the kuliglig with the boys (Tito Amang’s nephews). Super short trek then we explored the area. Dipped on the river and let ourselves dry. Naked. It was a very different experience! This trip leveled up my friendship with these girls. 

We were kind of dry already when we went back to the campsite. The oldies arrived already. We set up our tent then the locals that were with us caught us some shrimp and fish. Dinner then socials. Hihih. Well, kind of. We all are not very PR.

Next morning, we got ready to leave. Went back to Tito Amang’s house then set off to the beach. I got an injury BTW. I acquired a blister coz I wore the wrong shoes :( It was difficult for me to walk but I survived! Wooot! 

So we arrived to the beach resort. It was a really good one. Everything has been thought of. After a couple of hours or so we were asked to get ready to leave for MNL allready. And we did. Verna, Thal and me bathed together which is the first time for Verna. Hahahah. Arte pa naman nun :)) All was good. I really had a blast! 


↑Picardo, Verna, Tito Butch, Mark, Iggy, Kenneth, Thalie, Me, Amang, Don.


↑Thal, Kuya kits, Kenneth, Iggy, Don, Mark, Me, Verna







Me, Kenneth, Thalie, Kuya Kits, Don, Tito Marius, Picardo, Tito Butch


Whew! That was loooong. Been a busy month but I love it! ♥

Month 2

Time just flies by so fast, doesn’t it? Still not doing anything about my life. Goodness. Anywayy. I felt like I’m becoming a bad part of the society xD

Recap of the happenings this month:

  • Feb 3 + Got a little black and white furball from my ex :)


So, a very long time ago, I was telling him that I want a dog. He tells me his bitch (female dog, pun intended) is pregnant and promised he’d give me one of the pups. And so he did :)

  • Feb 7 to 9 + Impromtu Baguio trip with Tet, Shigeo and Rico.


Night of the 7th, Shigeo asked me if I wanted to join him, Tet and Rico to Baguio. I was hesitant at first since I only have a couple of hours to get ready plus I’m out of money. Still went though.

Arrived morning of the 8th. Had breakfast at Choco Latte. Checked in at an inn above Ki’kan (Used to be Ayuyang. Near the old Victory Liner bus station) Rested and bought some needs and food and stuff.

Had meryenda and a great talk with Tet over some korean street food, chicharong bulaklak, kropek and some booze while the boys slept.

Night came and it’s our turn to rest. Woke up an hour later and all four of us proceeded to Ki’kan. Turns out, it’s their anniversary. The place was packed! Is it just us or were their Red Horse full of horse shit? Hahaha. Drank lots already but ain’t feeling a thing. So we asked for a Black Russian instead. Oh yeah Vodka! You da meenn! :))

Woke up around 8am the next day. Checked out at 10am. Went to BenCab Museum + Brunch. Looked at some woodwork with the architects xD

Went to the market then headed back to Manila. Stopped by a road before going down to watch the sunset. 

First time I did that considering we’ve going up and down Baguio every year before.

  • Feb 13 + Had a pre-valentines date and tambay with my girlfriends Thalie and Verna 


Went to Madocs. Dinner at Yang Chao Ermita. Session at Thalie’s first, tryn to get drunk before we hit the club. Went to the Fort. Haze, Imperial. But it was a Thursday and the crowd was dead so we decided to head to Tomas Morato instead. Got luck at Prime Upscale Club. Entered for free thanks to Kuya Ariel! Mihihi:>

  • Feb 17 to 21 + Done a week long part time job with my previous company.

Was just supposed to be 3 days but they extended coz the project was not done yet. It’s all good for me. Got to negotiate and they accepted. It’s a win-win really :)

  • Feb 18 + Instant mommy. My sister left her son to me while they went abroad xD

So they went to Malaysia. 2 nights there then to Maldives. I should have been with them! Ugh. But it was a promo ticket and I was asleep when they were booking. FRIGGIN ASLEEP!! WHY?! WHYYYY??? :((

  • Feb 19 + Had a “Business meeting” with Redel and Sheilady. WAHAHAH


Grabbed my chance to meet with these ladies while I’m in Makati. Had fine dinning dinner/meeting. Talking about putting up a business. You should look out for it! Hahaha. Had some booze after. I really missed them! :>

  • Feb 22 to 23 + Went to Ralph’s in Cavite with Thalie and Verna and Artom.



↑IDK why but there’s really something wrong with my face here :))))


AAHH~ This meeting a been long overdue! We’ve been wanting to go to Ralph’s place for a very long time. We just want to come back again and again. Had an awesome 2 days with this dude.

Went there morning of the 22nd. Got lost! Hahaha. Met up with Ralph at WalterMart. Bought him Bacardi and his mom a cake.

Drank as the sun set then suddenly, a wild Artom appears hahaha. Haven’t seen him in a very very VERY long time! Hehehehe

Slept at around 4am. Wanted to watch some more TV but decided not to and forced myself to sleep instead.

Went back to Manila around 4 in the afternoon of the 23rd. It was a blast. As always :) 

  • Feb 25 + Met up with the niqqas

So we went back to Madocs to get the results. Went to RP Manila. Bought Charcoal for shisha. Bought salt and dog food. Watched ‘Starting All Over Again’. Went to Thalie’s house after. Shisha session. Munched on some cake. Always a good time with these two. ♥

  • Feb 28 + Finished my journal/diary/planner or whatever :))


So I viewed this and it’s soooooo long already. Imma cut the crap right here, bitchhh. Peace yo! Sorry been watching Breaking Bad 3 days straight now. Hahah. Am out!

Jogged today! :>

Jogged my way to the pantry :))


Cooked t-bone steak and mashed pumpkin for lunch earlier. Mihihihi. 🐷👌


Cooked t-bone steak and mashed pumpkin for lunch earlier. Mihihihi. 🐷👌

Oh my gaddd! I want a pet tigerrr!!! Rawrr.


This black and white furball snatched my sleeptime last night. No regrets :&gt;


This black and white furball snatched my sleeptime last night. No regrets :>

Month 1

The first month of the year is up and I haven’t been doing well with my resolutions. I’ve managed to travel twice this month tough :)

Summing things up this month.

  • Jan 6 + Aura Kingdom open beta! Yay! Downloaded it last month but it was still on closed beta phase. 
  • Jan 9 to Jan 14 + Traveled to Mindoro with my forever friends Verna, Ahtalia and Sharlyn to attend Verna’s grandparent’s Wedding anniversary (Jan 11)  and went on a side trip to Puerto Galera (Jan 12-13)
  • Jan 16 to Jan 23 + Traveled up north to Batanes with my sister, Hershey. A very different experience I must say!
  • Jan 23 + Lola died.
  • Jan 24 + Found out my laptop, Lennon, is broken. He won’t turn on without plugging the charger in :(
  • Jan 26 + Lola was buried.

I’m currently in the process of making my own planner-slash-journal. I originally wanted to buy a Moonleaf planner but just didn’t have the time since the nearest Moonleaf cafe is not so near to where I’m staying.

I’ve learned about this bullet journaling (google it!) and decided to give it a try. I got lots of unused notebooks cause I’m such a sucker for those and I thought it’s time to use one of those. 

I’m designing a bit of the planner/journal that Imma use. While planning the design, my head is always leaning on a planner design than just a journal. I hope I can make this work. I’ll post photos soon for whoever might come across this ;)


You will remain alive in hearts forever, lola.


You will remain alive in hearts forever, lola.